Moving from Joomla 3 to Joomla 4

After 10 years of Joomla 3, the development team have recently launched Joomla 4 - the latest stage in the life of this industry leading Content Management System (CMS). Site owners can look forward to an even faster site with increased security and a wider range of new features.

Why a new version?

Joomla 3 has been great for your site since 2013. It is fast, easy to use and, thanks to the many security and development updates we have installed behind the scenes for you over the years, it has done its job!

But the world changes ...

Recent years have seen huge changes in technology and with web sites in particular. Users expect faster pages, greater data security and your site's ability to present itself correctly on whatever media they chose to use.

 Unfortunately, hackers, spammers and similar have all developed both their skills and the sophistication of their hacking technologies - hence the need for Joomla 4.

Welcome to Joomla 4

What are the benefits for you and your site?

  • With Joomla 4 you benefit from increased performance. Speed is one of the top factors in converting clicks to views. .
  • Joomla 4 offers much more responsive and better mobile-friendly websites.
  • Security against hackers in now much improved and designed to meet your needs in the future.

What do you need to do if you have a Joomla 3 site?

If you have received an email telling you about this page, your site is currently a Joomla 3 site and will need migrating to Joomla 4 before the year is out.

Time to plan!  The work involved varies on how large your site is and the number and types of features - eg image gallery, contact form, pop ups, etc.  The complexity of your site design can also be an issue.

We have already migrated 30 plus sites to Joomla 4 so we are quite experienced and understand most of the issues and have the skills and knowledge to ensure the change-over is done with no downtime for your site.


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